Kwikwap Comprehensive SEO Guide

I developing a comprehensive Small business SEO Guide on my website. It is outlined on the website of Buddy Web Design at the following link:

Why is an SEO guide needed?

Most people are concerned with appearing on page 1 of Google. That's what they want and need. They may think they need a fancy website but they really need a website which brings them in business.

Why has SEO become more relevant with Kwikwap?

Before Kwikwap the ongoing web development process was either too difficult or too costly. Now business owners can do it themselves.

Why is SEO important for Kwikwap and its license holders?

Clients who get top results stay longer and talk more. We have come a long long way from where Kwikwap started. Having a great guide on SEO and marketing your website will position Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap as quality web designers and not cheap or affordable web designers. We have already proven that with skilled designers our websites can look great. As good as the best out there. 

Myvigo and Wordpress are rolling out these scrolling templates which looks like a slot machine when navigating. It seems it sells but will it last is another question. Small business owners want money. They need to get traffic to their websites. Over time the focus of successful small business website owners will shift to this basic important fact.

How can you assist Buddy Web Design?

It is clear I enjoy writing and I believe the information on the guide is helpful . (To the few serious small business owners for whom SEO is important.) We have received nice feedback when we did our first SEO book last year. ( .

The SEO book / guides are written with the Kwikwap Software and the typical Kwikwap client in mind. Hopefully as Kwikwap grows and the client base the market / need for a comprehensive guide will grow. We are hoping that the guide in itself will be a marketing tool to market Kwikwap websites. 

We have started discussing an "SEO audit service" with Kwikwap Head office to be offered as a value added service. Few clients will have the time to read the comprehensive guide but at least the guide will outline what will be covered when we offer the SEO audit service.

We have questions like:

  • Should this guide be moved to the website ? I rewrote the 2014 book from scratch and in a complete different style simply because i do not enjoy going back to old stuff which has been written already.
  • Should one Kwikwap labeled SEO website exist to which all License holders, clients and agents can contribute?
  • Can this guide be packages with another E Learning course on Kwikwap like the video course Morne started with?
  • What is the possibility of this guide + Kwikwap becoming part of accredited University short courses?
  • What is the possibility of this guide + Kwikwap becoming an additional or major high school subject?

The last two questions may seem like bold questions but think about it. A qualified accountant now a web designer? I would have never thought that I would become a web designer when I received my accounting degree in 1997. I don't think Google existed then.

South Africa needs small businesses and needs work opportunities. Hundreds of thousands of kids and varsity graduates enter the job market annually. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses exist in South Africa. People need websites. People need to be successful at internet marketing.

The user friendly Kwikwap Software makes it possible for small business owners to be internet marketers. We train people on using software like Google Webmaster. We are changing peoples lives positively. Those clients attending training sessions have already indicated that they are willing to spend time to learn more about ...

This is what I hope Kwikwap will understand.

People arriving at Kwikwap training want to know about Google. How to get their websites to page 1. The Kwikwap software is easy. We do get one or two older generation people still frightened by basic technology arriving at these training sessions. That market is busy retiring or dying. The younger generation is coming trough. Our grandparents are joining us on Facebook and Twitter.

But the people who eagerly attend the Kwikwap training sessions want to know how to get their websites to the top of search results. That is what our target market needs. Not everyone will agree. Sureweb is doing extremely well by offering its service offering and their approach need to be investigated / followed. But definitely not to be the only approach.

Kwikwap has put the domain of SEO into the hands of normal business owners. They still need a little guidance along the way.

Not everyone will have the time to read a Comprehensive Kwikwap SEO guide but for those who do I believe our Website marketing guide is the answer.

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