Kwikwap Online Training Service

We have trained a couple of clients without ever meeting them face to face. We normally do this via Skype. Recently we have trained , and still busy , a client from Botswana ( as well as a client from George.( We have also previously trained clients as far as Upington, Nelspruit and Malelane. We find that training our web design cleints via skype just as effective as training them sitting next to them, maybe even more effective. It gets a bit tiresome repeating certain basic training exercises and information on a daily basis so we hope to save ourselves some time by creating an online resource where we can point our clients to a link and say. pelase follow the instructions and do that exercise.

This is not a new idea and we currently have the Online Training Program on this very website. We have decided not to do the Online Training Program on this website but to create a very own website for that purpose. Our own website has become a bit busy and we want to have a website focused only on our Online Training Service.

We have decided to create a website as a information , resource and training tool for the purposes of offering Online based training.

The new website is still under construction but it can be found at .

What is this new Kwikwap Online Training Service all about?

We have decided to offer the same training we offer clients at their premises online in the format of an correspondence style (Unisa Style) course where the training is broken into different modules consisting of different lessons

At the start of each module and lesson an outline of the aims of the study module and individual lessons are given.

We then provide the information and at the end of each lesson we require feedback which enables us to monitor our clients progress.

Our target market is not other web designers but normal  small and medium business owners. We prefer doing the difficult once off tasks ourselves and focus, like in our normal Kwikwap Training sessions our training at:

Clients understanding SEO and more specifically understanding the importance of CONTENT. We have also moved away from training our clients to manage / design their own websites. We provide that service at R600.

Francois is also on a tight deadline to write a book on the topic of SEO for a free give away for an upcoming Online Business Building Event

Since SEO involves providing great CONTENT and since creating good content for your websites is paramount to your websites success Francois has decided to focus his angle of his book on How to create great content with relevant up to date examples of his existing clients websites.

So Francois will be writing about content creating and at the same sime create content for the new website . Practising and Preaching ( . ) the same thing at the same time.

Here is a great informative video titled: (#1 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | What is SEO? ) For those interested in SEO.

I have researched quite a bit on the lasted trends in SEO and changes at Google and over and over the message is the same. Website owners should focus on CONTENT! GREAT CONTENT = GREAT SEO Results . You will also pick this up when watching this video from an SEO expert.

The same information will be available on the new website as will be found in the E Book. (SEO which these days actually equals creating great content for your website).

That coupled with a Simple Online Training Program (A la Unisa style), where a participant is required to provide feedback after each lesson. This will be supplemented with the normal live Skype Sessions.

One way or the other we will assist our clients


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