Kwikwap Training

I will , God willing , once again be presenting a Kwikwap Group Training session in Pretoria on Saturday the 16th of February 2019.


It must have been 11 or 12 years since I first presented a Kwikwap Group training session in Pretoria. Nowadays I reside in Kleinmond in the Western Cape.


Today I managed to sell an advertisement on one of my Tourism websites, to a holiday home owner who works and resides in Nigeria.


I have tried various ways to make money on the internet from websites. As more and more people are getting websites, getting your website to page 1 of Google becomes more difficult. Especially in the accommodation industry the competition is fierce.


The first 4 places are reserved for Google Ads, the next 3 or so for Google Partners, the next places usually go to big accommodation directories. A big game changer in the accommodation industry is Facebook which gives single establishment owners the opportunity to get some business directly.


Three hours is just the right time to present a Kwikwap Group Training session. There is a very specific reason I do not cover complex design issues because we have in-house consultants who can offer a professional design from R700. If not a skilled graphic designer your best design efforts will do more damage to your website than good.


We aim to find solutions during Kwikwap Group training sessions. Kwikwap clients should know their rights according the Kwikwap client charter, know who to contact for ongoing support. Very often at Kwikwap group training sessions I find that clients who arrive have forgotten the details of the person who originally sold them the website. Sometimes these people are no longer in business and you need to be assigned a new Kwikwap consultant.


I have found that our CMS (Content Management System) is extremely user friendly. Once you get a general idea of the “language” or logic of the Kwikwap system then most people are able to 100% manage the content of their website.


Most people expect to get good Google results from their website. It is important that clients have a solid understanding on how search engines like Google operate , what can be done to improve results and how to measure the actual results. With our software the small business owner can easily update their website on a daily basis, if they so wish giving them an advantage over their competitors who have to perhaps contact an expensive webmaster to do the updates for them.


When registering for Kwikwap Training I ask all people registering what their greatest training need is with an aim off finding a specific solution for each and every person registering for Kwikwap training.


Each Kwikwap client should have a dedicated Kwikwap consultant or consultants a License Holder and in some cases the back up of the technical team at the Kwikwap Head Office meaning that somewhere, somehow you should get a solution.


All Kwikwap Training sessions end with a question and answer session so each and every person attending should walk away with questions answered. The Kwikwap training sessions also serve as quality control , to see that Kwikwap Consultants give the proper minimum training as described in the Kwikwap client charter.



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