Kwikwap Training Pretoria

On 27 June 2015 Francois will be, God willing, present the Kwikwap Group Training session in Pretoria.


Below is a list of people attending :

 Loraine van den Berg
Marabe Holdings

These were some of the specific requests for training:

 Website visibility--google search optimising | EMAIL Reports - attachments  | Changes to website
 slide show. the kwikwap system. getting wesite on no 1
 web maintenance
 SEO and Google Business tools. getting website on first page on Google
 uploading of images. gallery. format
 Organizing uploaded products. uniformity of products.
 Website design 
 1.2.3 Important information to be given in the workshop.
 The Basics plus online ordering and the ecommerce functions. 
 Search networks. Home page photo rotation. website must look more professional. 
 No time to work through training will be great so I can ask what I need to... 
 All but focus on uploading content and image
 How to add flash images or videos to webpage...
 SEO. Layout and revamp of website

Agenda for Kwikwap Group Training – Pretoria 27 June 2015

Francois Marais

Francois joined Kwikwap in 2007 as a client and started selling websites for Kwikwap in 2008.Prior to that I was an accountant for 17 years. Kwikwap started at these offices in Lynnwood Glen where they rented a small office. Today Kwikwap has their own similar offices in Brackenfell, Cape Town.

I obtained my B-Compt degree in 1997 before Google was invented or incorporated which is why today I am a web designer and no longer an accountant.

Before Kwikwap there was no easy way for small and medium business owners to manage their own websites.

Clients present

The quality of the websites of some of the clients who have registered for this training session is the best I have ever seen and I will have my work cut out to add value which not only compensates for your R150 but also for your time. The training I will present unfortunately has to cater for the very basics as well.

Kwikwap Software Introduction

  • Different divisions
  • Help ( Consultant details)
  • Online Tutorial / Kwikwap Introduction video
  • Head office clients ( 5 persons answering email - Monique / Valeska) 021 072 03 03 
  • Designs – Templates (1000 more coming) from R700
  • Example of adding content, publishing and refreshing your website
  • Example of adding a module
  • Communicate with customers : SMS and mailing list
  • Value Added (Sureweb and Others)
  • Value Added (Google my business)
  • Reports (Need to use Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Settings and admin
  • Help
  • Client Charter (Did you pay R2, 500?) / Your consultant : Free phone calls
  • Kwikwap Client Feedback
  • Kwikwap Training sessions is also quality control
  • Buy 1 on 1 consulting hours

Kwikwap Software

  • Inserting images, videos
  • Drawing Tables
  • Make border font zero
  • Padding and Spacing of Tables
  • Hyperlinks

       Question and answers on how to do things

Other design issues

  • Having a call to an action – activating enquire now button in Products and Services
  • Forms and surveys
  • Describing photographs (Fewer but quality)

Time is money

Example: This morning (away from family, could be visiting a client, making phone calls, prospecting (asking existing clients for referrals)

But examples of websites where time has been invested:  (Design by from Pretoria)

Value Added: Google AdWords

Certain industries: e.g. web design , guest houses and lodges

How Search Works / The Common mistakes website owners makes



Top mistakes

  • Not having a website at all
  • Not including the right words
  • Search Engines not being able to find this information
  • Not making use of Googles free resources

               How search works

  • First needs to be found and indexed.
  • Number of times a word appears
  • Heading
  • Url (Web Address e.g. Buddy Web Design)
  • Adjacent
  • Synonyms
  • Quality vs Spammy
  • Kwikwap SEO Tool (Products / About us)

Most Important SEO Basics

                     Links to your website / (Backlinks)

     Time is money

  • Consider what I have done here
  • Clients can be referred to website
  • Defines your business offering
  • Other ways to market your website
  • Reinvesting in your website (Scriptwriting / Graphics)
  • Don’t rely only on Google

         Google Webmaster

         Google my business / Google Maps

  • Show example
  • Get more people online / Woza Online closed down = opportunity to sell more advertising. (Google is logic)

          Kwikwap "Meta" Tags

The single most important factor for Search Engine Optimisation is the Page Title. This is how our system works:

Title - we will take the Product / Newsletter / Page NAME and put that in the Title tag. From this follows that the client simply has to name his page for what he wants to be found for.

Description - we will take the Product / Newsletter / Page FIRST bit of wording (description of the product etc) and put that in the Description tag. From this follows that the client simply has to DESCRIBE his Product aptly.

So, every page in a Kwikwap website has its own Title and Description. A Website’s most important page is its Homepage. Because the Homepage is the most important page, we allow you to manually enter the Title for the Homepage. It is done under Settings/Admin and then Business Information and SEO. Google only looks at the 1st 60 characters (not words)


Questions and answers / route forward   


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