Local tourism marketing

Buddy Web Design now offers local (Southern Peninsula) tourism businesses an exiting new tool to market their businesses to tourists visiting Cape Town. Buddy Web Design has joined and will assist in marketing listings on .

Is another tourism directory? Yes but one with a difference. The website focuses on routes which would be of interest to local and foreign tourists to Cape Town. On these routes local activities and attractions would be listed as well as interesting stories about places. The websites are all integrated with populated Google Maps.

It is a process to develop any website and to convince local businesses to list on a new website. The website will be promoted and backed by a local print leaflet which will be distributed at businesses and restaurants in the immediate area.

Currently in our area there exist such local print magazines and booklets but they are mostly all aimed at the local residents listing your local plumber, electrician and dentist. The routes brochure will be aimed at the local and foreign tourists visiting Cape Town. Our focus is on first developing the website and listings for the Southern Peninsula and if we are successful to go beyond the mountain and duplicate the process.

Like Google we feel local information is more relevant to tourists. Where to eat, see the penguins, sightseeing, activities like shark cage diving etc.

By using a 4 page leaflet we are going retro. Retro is cool in Cape Town.

The bottom line is that there are other ways to Google to market your website. Especially new websites need to consider alternatives.

We hope the new leaflet, the new tourism website linked to routes will be successful. All great ideas need time, effort and dedication to become a success story. I dislike directories generally but what makes this a bit different is that the website will have some of the best professional photographs of the area plus some interesting stories written by professional travel journalists. The style of the writer is casual and comes from a South African’s perspective. Both local and foreign tourists would find this appealing.

I will be meeting with others and getting advice and feedback from local  role players.  We are still in early days but everything starts with a vision. By blogging and writing about this new project I am breathing life into an idea.

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