May 2011 - Newsletter . Appearing on top of page 1 in Google

With the slow business experienced by most of our mailing list, except those in the hospitality and tourism industry now is the best time to get started with your internet marketing plan.

Just a reminder:

Your Kwikwap Consultants are:

Francois Marais (Gauteng) 0763490772

Melanie Schoeman (Western Cape) 076847092 

Before visiting our website to view examples and references here is what you do not see:

You get full onsite training to manage your website

You even have access to Google Hit Reports, turning you into an internet marketer.

By following basic guidlines like having good, quantity of original data, writing monthly newsletters, adding as much as possible, relevant text to your website, will  over time push you to the top spot. The day your website has the best original information about a certain topic.

There are other factors which we will guide you in.

At R2,500 you can not afford not to have a website from us.

We turn ordinary people into internet marketers.

Please pass this one if you know of people looking for work. We are also recruiting new agents for Kwikwap.



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