Mobi Websites

You have a normal website, now get a Mobi Website

Our conversation of today refers.

Thank you for your time. Here is more information regarding Mobi Websites.

Our websites are automatically displayed on three different platforms:

The normal internet Traditional PC’s, Cell Phones (Even the older ones) as well as PDA’s 9Personal Digital Assistants like Black Berries and I Phones.

People looking for you using their cell phones might not be able to read your website properly. That is if your website is not mobile enabled.

A Mobi Website is a website which can be browsed with a Cell Phone.

Google and the mobile internet are fast replacing the yellow pages, especially in South Africa.

Our websites do extremely well on the mobile internet.

An exciting feature of our websites is the free sms system:

You may sms individuals or groups from your mailing list and you may even include a hyperlink back to your mobile website! You can have your customers browse newsletters and specials and promotions using only their cell phones.

At R2,500 you can not afford to have your own Mobi Website.

You may even like the fact that you manage the website 100% yourself so much that you decide to replace your existing website with a website from us.

You can decide not to activate the normal website with us. For example if you do not want your own website having competition.

A mobi website is designed to work and fit onto cell phones so you might want to consider having your data in a slightly condensed format on the mobi website.

Included in the R2,500 set up fee is training so you will be able to manage your website yourself.

Should you be interested we will build you a free demo Mobi Website and come show you exactly just how easy it is to manage the system.

Thank you for your time.

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