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Improved Mobi Website Look and Feel

We are excited to announce that the new Look and Feel of our Mobi Website Creator has arrived! You get a free Mobi Website with your Kwikwap Website. The new look and fel section is a great improvement on what we could offer previously and allows for a lot more design flexibility. As a stand alone product our Mobi Websites are worth thousands but it still comes free with your Level 3 website. (Level 3 = R150 plus Vat monthly hosting).

Group Training Sessions in Pretoria and Cape Town

Francois will be presenting Kwikwap Group Training for all Kwikwap Clients in Pretoria and Cape Town . The dates are as follows:

Pretoria: 27 July 2013 and 3 August 2013

Cape Town: 10 Agust 2013 and 17 August 2013

The group training sessions offers curent Kwikwap clients the opportunity to do a refresher and to learn from other Kwikwap Website owners. The group training is not aimed to replace the training included in the purchase of the standard R2,500 Kwikwap Website. It is quite exciting to see normal business owners learning about Google and managing their own websites on a Saturday morning. Without userfriendly software like Kwikwap this would not have been possible today. We truly assist ordinary people to become internet marketers!

To get a website up and running , even within 48 hours! , contact Francois on 0790609985.




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