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You are receiving this newsletter/blog because of our past interaction regarding our web design offering. This is the first such newsletter/blog since 29 April 2021. Should you wish to unsubscribe you may use the link at the bottom of the email. This newsletter/blog will be shared on Facebook as well.

Why such a long wait between blogs/newsletters where it was a habit to at least send out a monthly newsletter? (It's a great way to stay in touch with potential clients.) Well, web design is not exactly an exciting topic and you might say I had writer block on the topic of web design.

We have teamed up with other Kwikwap Web Designers and now offer WordPress websites. We still manage the whole web design management process including hosting, especially the all-important SEO. It's no use having a website not knowing what results you are having and not having a system in place to improve your website results. We will ad the design portfolios later in the week. (A lot of work uploading all the examples.) Any design is possible. Results will always depend on the quality of your content and the quality of backlinks. (Other websites linking to your website.). You can not expect high-ranking websites to link to your website if your website is of low quality.

WordPress websites cost more than double of Kwikwap websites and no training is offered on managing the content of the website. Our designers are great at designs but not good at online training. 

I at least had one client who read my monthly newsletter diligently. Aggie Rudy of A Rudy Attorneys. She passed away last year November. I can not help being sad at the news of her passing. Clients often become our friends.

Francois nearly died last year after contracting Covid (September 2021) but is back to full health.

We will be revamping our own Kwikwap website as well and looking at offering online workshops for Kwikwap website owners. This can be done in groups or one on one. We use Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom to teach people Kwikwap CMS. We will be spending time on Facebook marketing our own services. Last year or the year before we put in a massive effort on our business page with very little results. (Not worth the time.) We have in the past been very successful on Facebook but the energy waned a bit with covid? 

Like with your website, the input in your Facebook marketing = results in your success or failure. We guide people with Facebook adverts and manage their business pages. It's generally too expensive for small business owners to outsource the function. 

Have a great 2022 from us at Buddy Web Design!


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