Newsletter - March 2011

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New developments at Kwikwap:

One of the benefits of getting a website from Kwikwap is that you get the benefit of getting service from a company which continuously develops and improves their products at no cost to existing clients.

Here are a summary of new features added during the month of February:

1. New Templates
We have added 24 new templates to the system and they are available to all clients. Check under Look & Feel, the new templates are within the set templates section.
2. Set Templates - Change the Top Bar Links
You can now change the links that will appear in the Top Bar of your website if you are using a Set Template. This option can be found under Look & Feel, Advanced Options -> Update top links. 

Please note this option is at your own risk. If you choose too many links for the top of the website it may become distorted and you will need to edit the stylesheet to correct it.
3. Kwikvote - new suggestions
We have updated the Kwikwap suggestions feature to make it easier to view and vote on Suggestions. Please let us know what you would like developed and vote for those suggestions that you think would benefit your website and your Business.

We especially like the new more professionally looking templates.

We spend quite a bit of time building demo websites for prospective clients often loosing focus on what we do:

"We give small and medium businesses an affordable business tool, a working website, which they manage themselves after receiving onsite training." 

Google Results depend largely on the quality, volume and originality of the data added to websites. There are a number of other things our specialist programmers have taken already taken care off.

Traditionally about 80% of new website owners concern themselves and spend 80% of their time and budget on the way their website look and the other 20% on the content of their website.

We believe it should be the other way around.


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