On Page SEO : Content generation example

As we often mention time is money. Getting long term results via your website requires ongoing work like regular articles but where does one find good content to write about?

One of the places we find good content is in our email outbox where we communicate with current and potential clients. When doing quotes for potential clients one tend to do your best in explaining your services. Below is an example of just such an email that we emailed to a new client. I will use this email as the content for this article after editing the email to hide the identity of our actual client.

An added advantage is that we will have this email on hand and can use it as an template to use to quote potential future clients. And there you have it! In a few minutes we have written a new blog for our website. In a similar way one can develop your faq section of your website when answering questions from clients in emails.

Dear Dennis


Thanks for meeting with us yesterday. I would like to summarise our discussion yesterday.

Your needs


Basically your needs is to get in more customers and we were approached to assist with that. (It’s a basic need in this recession we and thousands others share with you.)


Organic search results


You mentioned that you agree that organic search results take time. You mentioned months and years. It can happen quicker once we have a complete website and we have done certain basics right. You have two people in me and Melanie who will share your websites on Facebook when people look for building related services. You should expect results after three to four weeks once a website is complete and we have submitted the sitemap of the website to Google’s Index.


Our quote


We are aligned with your long term needs because we do receive monthly hosting fees of R165 / R175 for manual payers per website. You have paid R2,500 for the first website and will pay R2,500 for the second website. We gave you a better price because we are doing two websites. We quoted R1, 000 to redo the Easy Projects website on our platform.




You require assistance with SEO for all your websites which is the reason I want to redo your Easy projects website on our platform.


SEO is not that difficult to master. It firstly requires an understanding of what SEO is and how search engines work. We empower our clients trough knowledge and software to greatly improve the SEO of their websites.


SEO can be divided between On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. Basically things you do on your website and things you do off your website.


On-Site SEO


Our software provides great structure, responsive websites hosted on secure domains. (Easy Projects is currently not on a secure domain). This is the first step in getting On-Site SEO right.


Secondly our clients need to ad great content to their websites. How much? An easy way to find a benchmark is to do Google searches and to study the websites which appear below the paid results (organic results).  What you are not able to see is the how many other websites link to these websites. (See discussion of Off-Site SEO below)


Basics which one should get right are to include the right words, words you would like to be found for in your website copy. Pay special attention to the introductory paragraphs of your important pages like your home page and your about us page.


Headings are important.


It is important not to copy from other websites but to use your own words when populating your website. Google does penalise websites with duplicate content.


Adding fresh content like testimonials and or examples of recent work should be an ongoing process which should gradually improve your websites position on the internet.


Having a faq section will assist with On-Site SEO.


Specialist websites will always outperform general type of websites which is why you are doing three different websites. Once these websites start to pay for themselves once can move on and consider doing more websites in specialist fields.


We can assist with website copywriting at an additional fee.


Off-site SEO


Having a Google My business page probably ranks as the most important thing you can do off your websites to improve your websites ranking. To provide relevant local search results is important for Google which is why one often sees Google maps or Google my business results when people do searches and include a geographical area when they search for a service provider.


We have two Tradesmen directories where our clients get a free listing which includes a link to their own websites. You can also ask friends and suppliers to ad a link on their website to your website. Our websites do have a link section where you can reciprocate. Your own websites should include a link to each other at the very least.


Linking your Facebook page to your website will also help.


For an even better understanding please watch the following 3 minute video two or three times to understand how search works.




Please download Skype so we can show you how to update certain sections of your website. While we will always do the more difficult things which are often of a once off nature our user friendly software allows website owners to directly upload content to their website. I any problems we will assist and get things done.




Your design of the website can be changed in future without it affecting the content on the website.


Above the fold content


Special attention should be paid to what websites visitors see when landing on your website. Your contact details should be clearly and immediately visible.


Call to action


Attracting websites visitors is one thing. Getting customers to purchase or to leave their details for a quote is another. We will for example design a button which is linked to a request a quote form. To motivate website visitors to leave their details we will use words like. “Get a free quote now!”

Kind regards

Francois and Melanie




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