Safe plug-ins and industry specific modules

Kwikwap develops most plug-ins in-house meaning they are safe from hacking and reliable. Kwikwap has developed various industry-specific modules which are activated at the click of a button. Examples are:

  • Booking module for accommodation establishments
  • Auto dealer module
  • Tractor dealer module
  • Recruitment module
  • Loan application module
  • Appointment booking form
  • Video listings
  • Estate agent module
  • ECommerce
  • Digital downloads

To custom design, these modules would cost thousands of rands.

With WordPress which is open source, most of these modules and perhaps more would be available but installing and running a WordPress website is not as quick and easy as a Kwikwap Website. We can assist with both types of websites but when affordability and turnaround time is paramount then we choose Kwikwap, especially if you would like to manage the website yourself.


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