SEO: Effective Web Page Example

Example of an effective page in a website

What makes a page in a website effective?


A website is a collection of individual pages or web pages. Search engines like Google does not automatically index all pages of a website but might ignore some pages in a website because the pages do not meet Google’s quality guidelines. If for example the pages contains duplicate content that already appears on another website or even on the website itself.

We took an advertisement in a local newspaper and created the following pages which we believe would be an effective page:

Whale Learn & Play Centre, Hermanus

About us

Whale Learn and Play Centre in Hermanus is not your average Pre School or Crèche in Hermanus but offers early childhood development for children aged 3 – 5 as well as Grade R. Pre School education or early childhood development is taken very seriously and is viewed as a partnership between home and school.

At the core of all learning is a trusting and loving relationship.

Both English and Afrikaans is spoken by the teachers.  Judy Smith, the schools owner, is a SAQA qualified educator.

Children learn the following:

  • Social Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Language and literacy
  • Mathematics and Literacy
  • Mathematics and Reasoning Development
  • Social Studies Development
  • Second Language

Both English and Afrikaans is spoken by the teachers.  Judy Smith, the schools owner, is a SAQA qualified educator.

For more information contact Judy on 074 547 0221.

“Your child deserves the best education and it needs to be fun and always in a loving and trusting relationship“


Why do we believe the about us page is effective?

  • Original and unique content not copied from another website
  • We include the right words, words we would like to be found for
  • We even included words which describe which we are not because it will attract people from the relevant target market
  • We mention the area of the business
  • We start with the most important words (keywords) and simply answer (what, where, when, how) and work our way down to less important information.
  • We considered what a potential client (a user of Google’s website) would type in the search bar
  • We have used synonyms in a natural way
  • The about us text is not spamming of nature. It is not just a bunch of keywords stuffed in order to fool search engines
  • The about us page includes effective calls to action (Phone for more information / Register )

The business owner, a qualified teacher, should be in the ideal position to further develop the individual pages of the website seeing she has specialist knowledge.

A great way to include more synonyms is to use Google’s Keyword Planner. This tool also gives and idea on monthly global searches for certain keywords and phrases.

Once again it will do owner of this business well to do some cheap and practical research by studying the pages of the websites of her competition / peers who do well in search results. One should stay clear from copying website content but by studying your opposition websites you get:

  • A realistic benchmark
  • Ideas for great content for your own website

Remember we want to be the best when it comes to website text. That’s the only way in the long run to be regarded by search engines as the best.

PS: It will be a sin to not register this small business with Google my business. (It’s free, quick and very effective for local search results on it’s own plus it enhances a websites SEO when you include a link to your website.)

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