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We offer SEO Consulting services to businesses in Somerset West. Our web design services is limited to websites built with Kwikwap Software but we are available to quote on SEO work.

SEO work include consulting and website copy development / content development. We do not offer link building services as part of our SEO offering as it is to time consuming if done properly (Getting quality inbound links.)

Here is one great free SEO tip for you.

This intro paragraph whichs feels a bit spammy by my own admission was added after I had published the original article. The content of this article or blog entry is our monthly newsletter which was emailed to our subscribers. (Only people whom I have in the past actually dealt with professionaly.) The heading was something very different affording much better chances of bypassing spam filters. "Monthly Newsletter October 2017".

I got this idea for a standard thank you email because over the years we have sold many websites. We have learned that some web design clients succeed while others don’t. The joy of our initial design fees are short lived compared to the joy of seeing our clients being successful on the long run.

When considering any communication between past and potential clients I consider whether this same content should not be added to our website text. (Especially short answers and questions via email. It takes a few seconds to add to our Faq section)

But by changing the heading and introductory paragraph of this newsletter which is now a blog entry I do well in my SEO efforts to attract SEO clients in Somerset West where our business is based.

It is such a cool tip that I could post it to Facebook and Twitter and get a few likes and possibly shares. Get a little ego boost on this Friday. And maybe, just maybe along the line a client for SEO services in Somerset West.

Thank you for your final payment for your website. We appreciate your business. Now we would like to ensure that you get a return on your investment and that we continue to do business for years to come. This will only happen should you get the desired results. For most people this means to get website traffic and enquiries via their website.

Common reasons people do not get the results they wish for is because they have nothing unique to offer the world wide web. (The information on the website is the same as many others. ) Another reason is not doing the basics correctly when laying the foundation for your website.

We should have done the basics correctly when you receive this email.

These basics include:

  • Choosing the correct main meta description of your website

(The most important keywords up to 150 characters should be included)

  • Your important pages like home and about us should also carry these important keywords or words you would like to be found for
  • Registering your website with Google Webmaster Tools and submitting a Sitemap to Google – to tell Google you exist (We do it for you)
  • Having sufficient original and unique website text in general (The extent is determined by the competitiveness of the industry
  • Having a mobile friendly website

Developing your website further

About two weeks after submitting your website to Google Webmaster Tools you should get an idea how much traffic you are attracting or almost attracting which can guide you on where more work is needed. Unfortunately age is an important determining factor when it comes to ranking high in Google Search Results.

You should continue developing your website over time. We appreciate that time is also money. For some people going the direct route with Google Advertising would work out more economical than spending time developing the content on their websites or getting quality websites to link to your website. (Some main SEO startegies).

But at the very least you should continue developing your Faq section as people ask you questions via email. Once those questions have been answered its a simple matter of copying and pasting to your website.

Keep on adding testimonials – We do have a testimonials module which can be activated at the click of a button.

Keep on adding pictures to your website of recent jobs but do include a little story each time.

This morning, just before writing this monthly newsletter, I was copied in a request a quote form for a building contractor client of mine. He got a request for a quote for major building work in a very affluent part of Cape Town. This one job could be worth a tidy profit.

This gives us great pleasure and is why we do what we do.

We don’t sell websites. We help people to become internet marketers.

Besides understanding search engines like Google you need to act and keep on developing your website.

Thank you once again for your business. We appreciate it.


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