Short guide to SEO

We are working on a short guide to SEO / How to market your website via SEO or other means so that our web design clients in Cape Town can quicker understand what it is what we do and how we do it. Please let us know your thoughts.

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Short guide to – How to market your website

1.)Time is money

You are a small / medium business owner. Your time is your money. We understand and appreciate that and that is why we present you with this shortened guide. A detailed guide with videos and examples can be found on our website: . Buddy Web Design helps small and medium business owners get a website which the business owner can easily manage themselves. We have many examples and references in Cape Town.

  • A website can save you time in many ways
  • A website can bring you one big deal giving you all the time in the world you need
  • You need to spend time with your website / web .If you do not want to spend time then you need to spend money on someone doing website copywriting
  • Stop wasting time on Facebook if you do not plan on advertising on Facebook or if you do not really enjoy it and socialising comes natural


2.)Important basics of website copywriting


  • Clearly define for what search terms you want to be on page 1
  • Study the internet and the websites of your competition for these search terms, steal ideas not exact content, use your own word for website copy. Do better than your competition.
  • Carefully consider headings
  • Include the most important words in the introductory paragraphs of your most important pages e.g. Home Page, About us page
  • Have a blog if you can, the blog must be on your website
  • Use words on your website which people use in everyday language. These are the same words they will type into search boxes
  • Photographs are great sources for content. Simply describe each photograph
  • Do not assume that your basic knowledge is general knowledge.
  • You need to keep on adding fresh content to your website to do really well, testimonials or references of work is easy to add.
  • Frequently asked questions are a great section to have on your website and the source for it should be in your email inbox or outbox.


3.)Understanding search engines


  • Google is the most widely used and know search engine
  • Google’s clients visit their websites looking for information
  • At the top and on the side of the search results Google will display Ads
  • You can and should consider advertising yourself if your competition is doing soGoogle works on a bidding system where the company prepared to pay the most at any given moment gets the best search results
  • The best results or the results not paid for are also called organic search results
  • Your website copy writing and the overall quality of the information, as compared to your opposition , largely determines your position in search results
  • Other website linking to a website also influences results but this system of link building has been abused and Google is on its way to penalise website abusing the system. Be careful
  • Google thus functions like a prostitute librarian, displaying the best results but also displaying the related advertisements
  • It takes time to move up the rankings. Age of a website  is a factor
  • Be realistic when comparing the quality of your website’s information with those of your competition

4. Choosing a web design company

  • Ask for examples and pricing
  • Get a website that you can update yourself to save time, frustration and money paying or waiting for simple updates
  • Your website must be mobile friendly
  • If paying more than R3, 200 you should really ask yourself why?


5.  Alternatives to Google / SEO to market your website


  • Waiting for Google to bring clients to your business website should never be the only marketing effort.
  • Use alternative ways to market your business website like newspaper advertisements, business cards or car signage
  • Share your website on Facebook
  • Advertise on electronic directories especially if in tourism industry


6.  Google’s Free Resources


  • Google my business is a free mini website on Google and very important , on it’s own as well as to boost your websites SEO (Ranking on Search Engines)
  • Google Webmaster is easy to master and will let you see the website like Google sees your website
  • Google Analytics can be used by the more serious analytical person.


 Much more detailed information is available on our website . We do offer scriptwriting services for those who are not skilled at writing but we need your time to present us with the information so we can help with scriptwriting. Without proper website copy you stand little chance of being successful on the internet. Our software is easy to use and our designs professional.

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