Small business website copywriting

There are many great informative articles on the topic of writing great website copy available on the internet. Small business owners are busy which is why this blog entry is going to be kept very short. This blog entry contains some very basic but powerful information on website copywriting for small businesses.

  • A website is a collection of individual web pages. Google will not necessarily index all your web pages which comprises your whole website.
  • Each web page within your website has the possibility and opportunity to be indexed by Google
  • The headings of each web page is important
  • Your content or description of each heading (be it a product, service, blog entry, faq) should meet Googles quality guidelines
  • Googles quality guidelines include "questions" such as:
  1. Is this fresh information?
  2. Is this information unique and not copied from other sources on the internet?
  3. Is the description more than a one or two liner?
  4. Is the information perhaps Spammy / key word stuffing?
  5. Does the description contain synonyms?
  6. How many times does the title (key word) and variants thereof appear in the description?
  7. Does the "key" word / appear adjacent to the title (the "key" word)

We will be offering website copywriting services in future to our clients but at a price most small business owners will not be able to afford which is why they need to read further.

Some things are just difficult to write about while others are easy.

Here is a link to an example of an easy page.

It is easy because:

  1. A lot can be said. (It describes everything about a holiday home available for rental)
  2. No other information on topic on internet (The holiday home does not have its own website)
  3. We have beautiful pictures, Google maps to be embedded, face book plug ins etc

Here is a link to the opposite, a difficult page:

It is difficult to write about some things such as a brick. But as is shown in this example of a difficult page it can be done when one really digs deep.

Both these two pages are at the top for respective search terms and they should remain in their top positions provided 

no one else comes up with a really better description / information 

It is difficult to teach someone how to write really compelling or good website copy. Some small business owners really have difficulty to write well.

But it is important to understand that if you get it right to can reap the benefits for a very long time and it is equally important to understand that you need to do it before your competition does because search engines do not like copied information and they in general give preference to an older domain (website) because age is a factor search engines consider.

To summarize:

Each page of your website has the possibility to be indexed. The titles are important. The information /description of these pages need to be unique.

Stop worrying about Google. Google will do their bit as will Buddy Web Design.

Assistance with website copywriting can be provided. We prefer to do it ourselves for our web design clients as few people really understand website copywriting for small businesses.

Because CMS software / DIY software like Kwikwap will become more accessible and people's understanding of the Internet and how search works will improve the demand for great information on small business website will increase. Those who do get results appreciate the monetary value of good website copy.

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