Social Media and Web Designers

We are busy taking a look at the use of Social Media by Cape Town Web designers. See our live research page. (Cape Town Web Designers and Facebook).

We are doing this because we are ourselves often expected to be Social Media experts and because Facebook competes with the time of our clients. We want our clients to rather first focus on the content on their websites in order for them to get the best value from their website as oppose to spending time on Facebook trying to get business.

We are still ooking for small and medium businesses in Cape Town who uses Social Media like Facebook and Twitter successfully . I personally know of larger restaurants who started out with paying people to run and manage their Facebook Pages or groups but soon cancelled because it was not worth it.

We are looking at Web Designers in Cape Town and their use of Social Media, more specifically Facebook because of the following reasons:

  • These web designers will be the ones advising their clients on Social Media and to determine the trend it seems logic to have a look and see what these web designers are doing themselves.
  • We are also engaing on search research to establish how we are doing with search terms we would like to be found for. We study the websites of our competition and learn from that. This includes studying the all important back links which link to a website.
  • We also have our own Facebook page and Web Design can sometimes be real boring. How should one run your small business Facebook page effectively? 
  • Is spending time on Facebook other than for an image , to say yes we are there as well worth it?
  • Should we perhaps advertise on facebook to unlock the real value Facebook offers.

We were surprised by our results. We should not be. Traditionally web design required skills like PHP programming, Java, HTWL, Flash and a whole bunch of other technical stuff. Now do you really expect these people to stop and be Social or entertaining on Social Media as well? In general these top web design companies are not actively involved in Facebook marketing. Or it could be that they have very little Facebook friends. I daily have to deal with very rude web designers, programmers and developers. Whether it is at our head office or whether it is a competitor who we are taking a client over from or passing over to we meet rude people in IT. People lacking Social skills. Those Social skills need to be transferred to Social Media.

Can we do it? We will try our best and give it a go! The best way to find out if a web deisgn company can be successful in Cape Town with Social Media it seems is to do it ourselves. Only by practising and trying will we know.

We have gotten business from Facebook but more often than not it is from our personal profiles or from other facebook groups but never our business facebook page. That it seems can only be rectfied with advertising. The question we need to invetsigate further is at what cost and what will the people find when they click on a Sponsored click?

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