Somerset West Web Design

Our main web design service area is now the Helderberg. Our clients all over South Africa have been trained in managing their own websites / or we do it for them so our geographical location does not matter.

Somerset West is part of the Helderberg which constitutes Somerset West, Gordons Bay and Strand.

We have relocated to Somerset West with Francois working as a Financial Manager for a local clothing factory while Melanie continues to look after our web design clients on a full time basis. (0768470492) Web design simply is not as profitable as accounting or financial management. It is envisaged that Francois will be allowed some flexi time to continue his involvement with Buddy Web Design. 

Buddy Web Design is a partnership between husband and wife Francois and Melanie Marais. They are part of the National Kwikwap Franchise system, currently servicing more than 6,000 clients in South- and Southern Africa with their web design needs. Our web design services are offered on the SAAS basis. (Software as a service). This means the software is offered on a monthly rental basis like you can make use of online Accounting or Payroll services. The software is currently rented at R150 per month which includes your website hosting.

Most of our clients choose to get a professional design for between R700 and R1,500 from our in-house graphic designers. The rest of our initial costs are determined on whether you require training. Training is needed to understand how search engines like Google work, how to make changes to your website. (While we gladly assist with 1-3 small changes per month it is preferred that bulk changes be performed by our clients themselves. We do quote on doing bulk changes on behalf of clients. Affordability for bulk changes depends on whether we have an intern working for us or not.) Generally the top of the range website costs you R3,999 in total with the monthly fee of R150.

This explains our fee range of between R0 and R3,999 initially. Clients who requires training requires us to drive to see them 1-3 times before they are fully versed with our software and the environment of search engines. It is important that we are in agreement at the onset of a web design project as to what is required from us and what we will charge for that service. For that effect an email of engagement (quote) is emailed and a deposit of 50% required before we undertake any work.

This quote / email will cover:

  • Graphic design needs
  • Examples of our work
  • Training needs
  • Monthly and annual fees
  • Bulk uploading of individual pages to website
  • Summarry of how search engines like Google work

Our email quote endeavours to match our clients budget to their web design needs. Because we earn software rental fees we are relatively much more affrodable than the traditional web designer.

Should you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact Melanie on 0768470492,


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