Use your Website for Sales

Use your Website for Sales

Using your website’s forms and surveys to capture new leads, prospects and following it up with a monthly newsletter is a simple, yet effective way to stay in touch with potential as well as existing clients.

The forms and surveys of your Kwikwap website allows for you to add people automatically to your mailing list. The system needs to be set up correctly by mapping the name and email fields when you are creating a form and survey.

 You can also auto reply with both an email as well as a text message to a mobile phone when capturing the details of new or potential new clients. The system will email a standard email and send a standard text message when new leads are being captured.

A standard text message could for example be:

Please see your e mail inbox for the introductory email re .

This will prompt the person to look at his inbox or maybe spam folder in case the email program regard the introductory email as Spam. There are ways to test the likelihood of an email program regarding your specific email as spam or not. See for example:

When operating in an environment where high sales activity is required like for example in the insurance industry or small business web design industry like ourselves using your forms and surveys and linking it with your monthly newsletter is a cost effective way of managing new leads / prospects and then a cost effective manner to stay in touch with those potential customers whom have yet to make a buying decision.

To test the system complete the following survey and see how quickly you receive a text message as well as an email in your inbox.

When we send out a bulk email (Our monthly newsletter) we always insert a standard paragraph which starts wit something like:

You are receiving this email because of our….

We also choose a heading such as Buddy Web Design - January 2016 Newsletter

Straight after the emails has been sent we will change the heading to fit with the content of the newsletter and we will also change the introductory paragraph to give a summary of the topics being covered by the newsletter.  That is a clever way of using the right key words early in the introductory paragraph which should relate to the heading of the newsletter which has then become a blog entry.

We realized the importance of this when Google Webmaster tools pointed out that our website had duplicate content on the newsletter / blog. That was because each newsletter had the same or similar introductory paragraph.

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