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Websites and search engines like Google are not the only way to stay in touch with potential clients which is why we mail a monthly newsletter.(We always change our monthly newsletter to become a blog entry after emailing the newsletter.)

During August we wrote and published a few good blog entries related to web design and specifically aimed at you our typical customer. For fear of overloading you with information we do not email all our blog entries.

These blog entries can be read on our website in the section newsletter/blog

The topics were:

3 August – Kwikwap Training and SEO
4 August – Kwikwap Training Pretoria
25 August – Advertising in a Tough Economy
27 August – Secret of web design
30 August – Websites: Start by planning / Information needed to start your website

Just by reading these blog entries you will get to understand what it is that we do, how search engines work, how to get good Google results, the importance of doing the basics right, how to plan and research before commencing with a new website, the importance of quality content and what information we need to get started with your web design project.

News at Buddy Web Design

Not related to web design at all but Melanie and Francois, the partners of Buddy Web Design are expecting a baby girl named Ella Marais to be born early in September. Obviously Francois is carrying most of the workload for now if not all.

News at Kwikwap

Kwikwap have finished with about 200 of the expected new 1,000 templates. It is taking a bit longer than expected. There is no need to worry because all our templates are customisable. See our portfolio for examples of our work.

Kwikwap has appointed a person who will be overseeing client and agent training. Training sessions for Pretoria, cape Town and Durban have been scheduled. Our clients are trained by Buddy Web Design but sometimes one would need a refresher and learn from other clients questions. It is good to know that our clients are not only clients of Buddy Web Design but also of Kwikwap and we are backed by a Head Office and capable technical team working normal South African working hours.

News at /about Google

Google does not always announce changes but some of the recent changes we have notices is a definite increase in the importance of local search results. Google aims to deliver the best results for it’s clients, the people who visit their website to search for things.

The importance of listing your business on Google my business (Google maps included) has become non negotiable. More and more search results on page 1 include Google Map results. It could also become unavoidable not to list in certain local directories

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