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The internet and career business opportunities and a must have tool for small business opportunities.

The topic of this month’s newsletter stems from the current student political turmoil also known as the #Feesmustfall “campaign”. Web Design and Search Engine marketing offers business and career opportunities that does not require a university education. For many job seekers and people that will still loose their jobs because of worsening economic conditions, due to the political turmoil the answer lies with starting your own business. Web Design for small businesses is a work from home opportunity. It’s actually a work from anywhere business opportunity. As long as you have a laptop and internet connection you can practice the career of a web designer or become a specialist on SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

I will soon switch the detail of this newsletter to Afrikaans because I want to use the detail on a new Afrikaans website on Web Design and Web Design careers. The political debate at Universities started of with a language debate and now it seems to have transcended to a Black / White debate. I am hoping that the content of my Afrikaans website be incorporated in the curriculum of some future Afrikaans university degree or course. I know from experience that some people view the knowledge we share on our monthly newsletter as valuable information and so it should be since after 9 years in the industry we should know something about the topic.

Even if you are not interested in web design and career opportunities within the actual industry but own a small business you need to understand how search engines work, to understand the workings of social media and what you need to do in order to get business from the internet. These days about 50% of our new clients come from our own website. That would never have happened if we did not regularly add content to our website by means of a monthly newsletter which we edit after emailing the newsletter to become a blog entry. Search engines like fresh content added to websites but only when it is original, useful and relevant content. The first prize is always in depth researched content. It does not matter whether you are a plumber or a dentist your website still needs to contain information. Because there are far fewer dentists than plumbers around the plumbers have a harder job than the dentists. There is a lot of simple logic involved when it comes to understanding SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) .

The first career I have now touched on is that of a website copy writer or content writer for websites. Not every plumber or dentist has the necessary skills to prepare the initial website copy or to do a regular blog. (Those who do regularly find themselves at the top of search result pages.) It is as simple as that. I will go a bit deeper on this topic when I elaborate on the Afrikaans blog further down.

Other careers within the web design industry for which you do not need a university degree are:


  • Sales and marketing representatives. (It’s a known fact that the best web designers or graphic designers are not the best sales people. You can not be outgoing and concentrate on code at the same time.)
  • Graphic designers
  • Coders and Programmers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Google Adwords account managers


This brings the English newsletter to an end. We will repeat the core of our introduction in Afrikaans and then discuss the career and business opportunities in a little more detail. This part of the Newsletter will become important content for our Afrikaans website. It will not be part of the Buddy Web Design website’s content.

Search engine dislikes the same information being copied to another website and you could find yourself nowhere in search results by copying content from other websites.

Our clients pay a monthly hosting fee of R150 so we have an automatic vested interest in the ongoing success of our client’s websites. They do not have to read our books and manuals but can rely on our guidance to get them there. Provided your website is unique, you have a plan for adding content, you do the basics well like using Google’s free resources you should get some traffic. With us the opportunity does exist to have the best website in terms of information and this is largely due to the user friendly CMS our website builder offers.


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