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Next week sees the next general election and this Freedom day we celebrated 25 years since the first free democratic elections in South Africa. We eagerly await the end of the 2019 elections as the uncertainty is not good for business in South Africa. In March we celebrated 30 years of the existence of the www (World Wide Web).

Google is now 20 years old and the companies market capitalization is 812 Billion US Dollars.

Facebook is now 15 years old and the companies market capitalization is 551 Billion US Dollars.

SEO has seen some major changes in the way Search Engines operate over the years. One of them being Link building. SEO used to be the domain of link builders. When Google introduced a major update to their algorithm, penalizing websites with low-quality back-links we saw these same Link building companies turn around offering Link removal services.

Some of the other major recent changes or trends we have seen at Google is:

With the increase in the use of mobile devices, it has become non-negotiable that your website is responsive.

Local search results and listing with Google my business is still super important.

With all the changes what has remained the same since we started out in the web design world 12 years ago is that a website owner should focus on the content of their websites, being unique and striving to provide the best information available on their particular field or subject on their own website. 

We have noticed that Google has claimed more results for their advertising revenue as well as started to partner with certain mega websites meaning that single establishments battle to get organic results. This has been offset with the popularity of using Facebook to get holiday accommodation. It is definitely still worthwhile to get your own website to use when doing Facebook marketing.

What can one expect in the future by considering the past? While one can reasonably expect certain trends to continue no one really knows for sure what the future will bring but here are some important points to ponder when it comes to your business website:

While a website can bring you in extra business it also can save you time (money) by answering frequently asked questions potential clients may have, by displaying publicly your terms and conditions.

Getting a website and stating who you are and what you do forces one to consider your value proposition over that of your competition. It forces one to consider and state your public profile and policies which also can be a time saver. 

The right website will add more credibility to your business in the public domain.

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