Web Design Services Marketing via Facebook

We are looking for sales representatives to market our web design services troughout South Africa, specifically via Facebook.

We offer a 25% once off fee to people who refer us web design clients.

In a nutshell we offer very affordable websites (Between R2,500 and R4,000 once off) . The websites comes with or without training - our CMS software is extremely user friendly. We are willing to offer a try before you buy (demo website). We give clients unlimited pages and offer ongoing support. Hosting is R165 per month.

To understand our value proposition, that which sets us apart from our competition , please read this blog entry:

Our value proposition

So where and how does one start? Where does one get leads on Facebook?

Web Design Sales is a numbers game just like any other selling activity is. BUT if you approach the right people the conversion rate is higher.

I enjoy spending time on Facebook. I have obviously joined the local Facebook groups of the Helderberg.

Here is an example of a post I saw on a local Facebook page just now:

So here is a new PIzza business in the Helderberg. I searched Facebook for the business- see picture below:

And once found, liked the page, saw that they had no website and also saw that they oncly recently started so i messaged them - see picture below:

I simply asked them : "Are you in the market for a website" .

Do this 50 times a day and you can be sure of getting a couple of people interested and between 1 or 2 deals. That is 50 if you approach people randomly. If you pre screen people and confirm like this example that they are new in business, they do not yet have a website and that they are a small business then you are much more likely to get a much higher positive response rate and then you do not have to approach 50 businesses.

What next? 

If someone says no , you say thank you and move on.

If someone says yes and asks for more information you email them more information. Best is if you contact us first and we help you with the more information. Between Francois and Melanie we are probably on Facebook between 8 and 16 hours per day.

We have many examples of websites and we have a Facebook Page.

A possible standard reply could be:

"I do sales for Buddy Web Design. They design websites for small and medum sized businesses. There is a once off design fee of between R2,500 and R4,000 - once off. Hosting is R165 pm. New domain registrations are R200. You can get training if you like on how to manage the content of your website, how to do better via Google searches (SEO) as well as how to measure the results. Can we send you more information via email?"

In the beginning we would assist you more with proposals untill you are comfortable with what you are selling. We often find people are quoted up to 10 times more for the same product we are offering. Because we also get hosting from clients we are able to offer much lower initial design and setup fees. Our business is a public business. We rely on referrals. We can not afford to take people for a ride. What you see is what you get. We are not offering large and complex websites for people e.g. people who would like to start dating  websites or people who would like to compete with Google or Facebook - yes you will come across such people.

We simply offer affordable websites for small and medium businesses, a website which comes with very easy to master CMS (Content Management System) for people who like to DIY. For those too busy or born BC (Before Computers) we include 3 small changes for free per month. We have been in the business for more than 10 years. We only receive hosting as long as people are clients of ours - 30 days notice period- no long term locked in contracts so our web design clients needs are very much aligned with ours. That is being successful on the internet and getting a website which works.

We are happy to do marketing ourselves in our lcoal area . (Helderberg) . We will be approaching people in towns and cities in South Africa to be representatives for us. You will not be restricted to a specific area when we appoint you as a sales representative. We are also looking for people who want to become more than a sales representative , people who might want to do what we do so there are opportunities within this industry. We are happy to share more information if needed.

Once you have informed us of an interested lead we will send more information and "take over" the sales process. You will get copied in on all further emails so you can keep track of the progress of your sales leads but also so you can see how we do it from A-Z , get to really understand our value proposition, see our designs , learn about the FAQ's in our industry. The better we equip you the easier it becomes for you to sell our product. If needed we can open a demo website for you so you can see our software in action. A great idea when starting out with any sales position is to start with your Facebook friends or your family and friends in real life. Chances are very good that someone in your personal circle needs a new website or need a website makeover. Once you see the positive change we do, you will be more comfortable in representing us.

Try it today and see what happens.

Copy and paste this to your Facebook status and contact us with any positive response :

" Anybody in the market for a website for between R2,500 and R4,000 K. Unlimited pages, User Friendly , E Commerce , Free Demo etc "

So at 25% commission a R2,500 website would mean R625 and a R4,000 website would mean R1,000! You do the maths if you get us only one client per day. (Yes we have the people and the means to deliver.)

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