Website Marketing Strategies - 2016

Marketing your website during 2016 should take consideration of current changes at search engines like Google but one should also consider the fundamentals of Search and SEO. The fundamentals are important to adhere to because they provide long term results that should provide a return on investments where your time spend and money spend on developing your website should provide a return on investment.

News at Google and how it affects you

Google has been constantly changing ever since the search engine was created.

There sometimes are more drastic changes at search engines like Google. The last few weeks have for example seen the SERP(Search Engine Results Page) do away with advertisements on the right plus increasing the top ads to 4. (Previously 3) . Google my business results as well as comparitive quotes for example in the accommodation tourism industry often appear in position 5.

These latest changes means that people will have to scroll further down to find the organic search results.

This will force website owners to consider one of the following options:

  • To advertise with Google themselves
  • List with top local directories appearing on page 1 of SERP's
  • Consider alternatives to SEO as as marketing strategyfor your website
  • Consider alternative ways to marketing a business besides via a website
  • Improve the quality of content on your website , consider viable link building strategies

Since ourselves and Kwikwap started designing websites with our website builder we have asked our clients to focus on the content of their websites and to let us take care of the rest. (Nothing has changed since those early days 9 years ago) 

We ourselves have been and will be employing all 5 above options to get as much as possible business from the internet.

There have been other changes at Google and changes will continue to happen. What should never change is the fact that we live in an information age and that good information is a valuable commodity. That isw here your focus should be. The more competitive your industry the more work need to be put into the content of your websites and the more serious one should consider all 5 above options.

How our software fits into the current and future internet environment

Our software is quick, easy and powerfull.

The average client needs no more than two 1 hour sessions to be able to fully manage the content of their websites.

For clients who claim to be born before computers we do the monthly changes as well. (1-3 changes are included for free in the monthly hosting fee of R150).

Clients receive ongoing support from buddy Web Design and if we can not help the technical team at our Head Office will be able to assist.

It is nice to know that Buddy Web Design is part of an organisation supporting 7,000+ websites in South Africa and that our support team works South African working hours.

Continuity should be a definite consideration when selecting your web designer.

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